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The ‘Treebench'

Product title: Boombank (Tree Bench)
Design: Rogier Martens
Product development: AANDEBOOM
Size: 160 x 45 x 45 CM ( l x B x H )
Material: Powdercoated steel, wooden blocks & straps and lashings
Price: € 940,-
Shipping: We deliver in all countries price on request!

We actively used the environment and worked with the elements that the park had to offer: trees, city walls, paths, and grass. It is no challenge to just dig a hole and a install a bench. An ideal ( park ) bench needs the environment and the environment needs the bench too. To achieve that goal a bench contributes to the park as a walk, sit, rest, kiss, lie, meet, watch, dog walking, day-dream, stretch, run, think, decide, smoke and lunch spot.